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Equipment finance for civil construction

People trust Ding Financial because we will go further. That means going beyond the usual lenders to get a better earthquake equipment finance option from a pool of the country’s top financiers. At Ding Financial, we found that it pays not to get all your business loans with the same lender. So, by spreading your loans across different institutions, we can keep your options open when there is another major need for equipment finance. We also go further to meet your conditions, and our earthquake finance team is always happy to meet at your business or workplace to better understand your specific work. We also don’t keep bankers ’hours, so when you work, we do too. Our earthmoving equipment finance experts are ready to help! Discover how we are better, faster, different today.

Civil financing that is right for your business is more than comparing interest rates and terms. We will take the time to understand your needs and keep an eye on the civil contractor industry. In this way, Ding Financial can provide meaningful civil equipment solutions that will help you expand your business opportunities.  Tell us about the equipment you need and we will recommend the finances you need, it’s that easy.

We always work with dealers, property owners, contractors and the industry big boys to deliver major financial contracts on the full range of heavy equipment for the civil construction industry. With the construction of residential, commercial and infrastructure projects growing across the country, there is a huge demand for civil works and our consultants are meeting their demand for financing for the new and new equipment.

What we want to know is that when you look for funding, you don’t want to waste your time on all the paperwork and problems that banks and financial firms typically deal with. Ding Financial is a reputable credit broker, so we work for you, not executives or shareholders. We are there for to offer you the best possible financing with little time and stress. We know the pressures you are facing on the site and the need to work your way through, not tools to cut down on for a bank interview! We have adapted our business model to the needs and expectations of the contractors. If you’ve never hired a broker before, you willl be delighted with our fast application process and our contingent for your construction equipment financing.While the bank can only offer you an offer from its own portfolio of limited commercial financial products, Ding Financial has access to several lenders, representing hundreds of loan products. We are scanning the market and finding the best deals with more choice.

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